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Don Stropky and Kurt Kenney are proud co-owners of Peak Security Services. They are dedicated to ensuring customer safety and security through excellent customer service and the latest in electronic security and video surveillance products as well as professional security guard services.

"We really enjoy meeting people and working in the community, and we take pride in doing a good days work.  Customer satisfaction is our company's number one priority.  If a client requires work on a system or has an inquiry, we will make every effort to have it resolved or answered before we go home at night - no matter how long it takes."

Don Stropky has been in the alarm industry for over 20 years. Don was born and raised in Cranbrook and is a graduate of S.A.I.T. in Industrial Electronics and holds a provincial certification in alarm installation from B.C.I.T. Don began his security career with Orion Security in Vancouver in 1993. He moved back to Cranbrook to raise his young daughter and son in 1996. For the past 15 years, Don has worked as a tradesman, technical supervisor, and manager in the securities industry in Cranbrook.

Kurt Kenney has worked in the alarm industry for over 10 years. Before moving to Cranbrook Kurt had managed a Monitoring Centre/Call centre on Vancouver Island.


Our guard supervisor/manager has over 30 years of policing experience with the R.C.M.P.  In addition several of our employees have policing experience. All of our Security guard staff hold a valid BST (Basic Security Training Certificate) or AST(Advanced Security Training Certicate).

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